Inuit Art of Canada

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The customer receives:

A 36 inch lighted showcase with locking sliding doors (valued at $1000.).
This showcase is loaned to you.

Inuit art sculptures (worth $5900. at wholesale price) which include an
assortment of seals, birds, bears, walruses, whales, peoples, divided
approximately as follows:

22 pieces between $80. to $120. retail.
15 pieces between $120. to $160. retail.
10 pieces between $160. to $250. retail.
5 pieces between $250. to $500. retail.
2 pieces between $500. to $900. retail.

Literature to help you sell the sculptures.

Once a year you can exchange up to 20% of your stock free of charge.
Please see the contract form for customer rights, privileges and cancellation clauses.

TOTAL COST: $5900. (plus freight and taxes).

Gift Boxes
All our sculptures come with a complementary gift box


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